A Healthy Outside Starts from the Inside

At Lincolnshire Fitness we are committed to helping our clients live better, healthier lives. How we nourish our bodies is a fundamental part of this.

Nutrition and healthy eating can be SO CONFUSING!! There is SO MUCH information out there about what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, how many calories to eat……..it’s never ending and no wonder a huge percentage of our population are overweight, suffering with diabetes or health related problems due to a bad diet.

We have put together a unique service to provide you with a complete Tailored Nutrition Plan which makes healthy eating so easy and straight forward.

Your Plan will start with an initial consultation at the Lincolnshire Fitness Studio where you will have a full Health Check and Body Analysis test completed, this will determine what areas we need to concentrate on, which could be to reduce your body fat, increase your hydration levels, de-crease your visceral fat, increase lean muscle mass or help improve your sleep, mood and energy levels.

We will discuss your goals, daily routines, exercise program and sleep patterns and any areas of your health that you would like to see improve.

After your initial consultation your new Tailored Nutrition Plan will be prepared uniquely to you and your goals.

The Tailored Nutrition Plan is not a diet but a complete lifestyle change.  You may find that you will be eating more than you normally do but in fact losing weight and feeling a lot better in yourself when it comes to energy, concentration, mood, memory and quality of sleep and above all you will be eating to nourish your body which will make you feel great inside and out.

We also have an occasional food blog in which we like to share recipes, healthy eating tips and much, much more. Be sure to keep checking in for regular updates

Thank you

Emma and Gav x